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We understand what it takes to run a business. We make your packaging supplies affordable. We offer a full line of shipping products including shipping boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, packaging tape and more.

shipping boxes and bubble wrap
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shipping boxes


All the shipping boxes you need. From small to large, long to short. We have the affordable boxes you need.

bubble wrap


Bubble wrap in all sizes and shapes. Large roll bubble wrap, bubble bags of multiple sizes, anti-static bubble wrap and more.

packing tape


Packing tape, duct tape, fiberglass reinforced gum tape and more. We have all of the taping needs covered.


We have a full range of stretch film, from machine film to hand rolls. We stock a several different colors and types. 

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

We have always been looking for affordable packaging supplies and we are happy to finally have found our new place. Great prices and quick shipping..

Patric Stone

We use a lot of shipping boxes at our warehouse. I Need Boxes has been great at getting our orders to us quickly..

Sarah Webb

Cheap shipping boxes and bubble can you go wrong?.

Stefanie Rashford
Warehouse Manager

We just needed a bunch of moving boxes and they had a great price..

Cassie Carleton
Home Owner

We run a small e-commerce business out of our home. Im glad to have found an affordable place for boxes..

Coby Sue
Business Owner

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If you need shipping boxes, bubble wrap, or any other shipping 
supplies, we have you covered. Quick shipping and great prices!


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